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My Dearest Friend, we know that mistaken or unsupportive beliefs sets limits on our self-worth. Uncovering these beliefs and changing them helps us to improve our self-worth, but if we don’t have a strong foundation, these beliefs will not hold for long. You might find yourself going back to old habits.

Understanding yourself from the inside out and getting to the core of who you truly are will help you build a strong and solid foundation upon which you can grow and move forward into a beautiful future. I also created a ‘Getting to the your core of who are’ work book for you to download.


Human Doing vs. Human Being

Many people attach their worth by what they do, such as making a lot of money or being a doctor. What they do is their identity. The problem with this is, if suddenly you lost your money or couldn’t be a doctor anymore, you wouldnt have an identity anymore and therefore your worth. You aren’t a human doing. You aren’t what you do.

You’re a human being.

You’re kind and loving, generous, honest, funny, supportive, reliable, etc. That’s who you are. You’re a doctor because you’re caring, kind, loving and giving. When you realise this fundamental truth, you’ll be more secure in yourself. if you lost your ability to be a doctor, but you know who you are, you’ll be better at bouncing back from that set back and finding solutions. Your self-worth won’t fall and people’s words or projections won’t affect you.

How to Get to the Core of Who You Are

What I suggest you do first, is do the THE VISUAL DNA ‘Who Am I’ quiz. It’s a pretty cool quiz. It gives you further insight into who are before we move on. Remember to answer the questions as honestly as possible.

1. What You Do

I hope the quiz was insightful for you and gave you greater clarity into who are. Now we can move on.

You can download the work sheet or take out some paper and a pen. Draw a circle and in the middle, write ‘What You Do’. Now begin filling in the things that YOU DO in life. Such as, writer, mother, wife, christian, atheist, musician, artist, banker, smoker, drinker, dancer, etc.


2. How You’re You

On another piece of paper, draw another big circle and in the middle of the circle write ‘How You’re You’. Again, like the previous circle, fill in the circle about HOW you’re you. These are your attitudes, behaviours, prefences and styles. For example, I’m good, lazy, hard-working, bad, pessimistic, positive, an asshole, I like the colour blue, I enjoy warm weather, I love glamorous style, etc.

3. Who You Are!

And finally, on another piece of paper, draw another circle and in the middle write, ‘WHO ARE YOU’. Take some time to fill in the blanks about WHO you truly are. For example, you are caring, loving, creative, sincere, passionate, giving, growing, etc.

After you have completed filling in your circles. Look at them. Can you see how who you are is not determined by WHAT or HOW you are?

4. Validation

For this step, I want you to look at your ‘Who You Are’ circle. With the words you wrote down, I want you to imagine a person with all these qualities. Now, answer this question:

Would you want to be with this person and hang out with him or her? Would you like to get to know this person and possibly love him or her?

If you said yes, then my friend, you have just validated yourself. You have these qualities. It’s who you are.

You should already feel a lot more worthy. Say your ‘who are you’s’ everday to yourself. Remind yourself of who you are, because the more certain you are of yourself the stronger your self-worth will become.

If you tried this exercise, what shifts did you feel, if any?


With much love,