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My dearest friend.

Lately, I have been working on my own struggles of self-worth. I am by no means a perfect person. I know that if I want to succeed in life-to make it beautiful, fulfilling and scrumptious-I have to work on my self-worth.

I decided to truly work on it about a month ago but wasn’t sure where to start. Self-worth as a subject is so vast. And by divine guidance, I came across the book by Nancy Levin- Worthy:  Boost Your Self-Worth to grow your Net worth.  Her book really helps to get to the crux of your beliefs and how they impact your worthiness.

I was doing the exercises as she suggests you do and it cracked open my mind like an egg. I unveiled my core limiting belief. The heart of every  other belief. My core belief is not feeling as important as other people. This very belief is the foundation for all my other  beliefs. I find the connections so obvious now.

I realised with this feeling of unimportantance, not-good-enough-ness I had missed opportunities to stand my ground, voice my opinion, ask that question or talk to that guy. But there is the kind of negativity that goes with ‘feeling important”. Some of things that came up was:

  • It’s bad
  • You are arrogant or full of yourself
  • Selfish/snobbish
  • You think you’re better than everyone else
  • It’s a noble thing to make everyone feel important


There is a difference between feeling important and being down right arrogant.

First of all, it’s the best thing you can do to feel important to yourself. No-one’s opinion about you is your business. And it shows  more about their character and beliefs than yours. If they don’t find value in you, it won’t matter because you know you are still important no matter what.

Arrogant as explained in the Cambridge dictionary:

 unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people:

Feeling important about yourself is not arrogance. It’s loving yourself. You aren’t going around shoving your achievements in peoples faces. YOu respect yourself enough.

You’re talents, skills, love, voice, perspective, wants and desires are just as important as anybody else’s. If you say you aren’t important, people will believe you. If you say your wants and needs aren’t important, people will believe you.


Because you said so. If you don’t find yourself and your desires important, how the fuck will anybody else?

Feeling important means that you have a voice that needs to be heard, no matter what other people think. Feeling important means that your needs and wants are important and must be taken care of. Feeling important says that you can stand up for yourself and not let anyone take advantage of you.

Feeling important means you can be beautiful just the way you are. Feeling important means you can go and achieve your dreams  while taking care of your family. Feeling important means you are enough and you don’t need approval to feel important because your approval of yourself matters.

Feeling important means you come first so you can take care of others. It’s not selfish or arrogant. Feeling important is loving yourself in the best way possible.

When you feel important, you will be important because you said so.

So go on feel important because you are  important.

With much love,