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My dearest friend

I feel I must tell you that you are so worthy of love, happiness, wealth, health and loving relationships.

The funny thing about self-esteem is, it’s connected to your self-worth and beliefs. Now, self-worth is a tricky thing if you believe that you’re a certain way. Self-worth comes down to knowing who you are. If you know who you are then you have a strong grounding. So let me ask you this:

Who are you?

I don’t want you to tell me what you do. What your relationship status is. I don’t want to know if your black, white, pink or purple. I want to know who you are.

Think about this….

A lot of people identify themselves by what they do, political party that support or if they’re a dog or cat person, but people won’t remember that. People will remember if you were a kind or generous person. If you were a funny, energetic person. They’ll remember if you were serious or relaxed, down-to-earth or neurotic. They’ll remember if they felt good around you or not. These traits, quirks and characteristics make up who you are.

So, today, sit down with yourself and ask yourself who you are. When you know who you are, you can begin believing in yourself.

Self-doubt will be eradicated because you know who are. You’ll become more assertive, confident and worthy.

Self-worth is when we put value on ourselves. When you don’t think you have much value, you think you’re not worthy of the magic life has for you. So, you’ll say things like, “that’ll never happen to me” “ I suck at this” “I’m a failure”. These are things I used to say to myself.

When I was younger, I didn’t know myself very much. Therefore, I believed what people said about me. For years, I thought I was weak, shy and gullible. I didn’t think I was pretty or funny. Which were all untrue, of course. I began on this search for myself.

I realised that I am strong, gorgeous, intelligent and funny. I’m also kind, generous and caring. My confidence began to increase. I started dating and being more open to people. I could have conversations with people and voice my opinions without hesitation. An dif people didn’t like me, that was their problem.

So, again, I ask you:

Who are you?

And remember that you are worthy. You have something to offer the world and we need you to share it with us.

With much love,