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My dearest friend.

The other day I was reading something that really pulled my on heart. As a human race we’re conditioned to believe that there isn’t enough to go around. So we manipulate, lie, cheat and hurt each other.

But I realised after reading this beautiful piece, that we all have our own unique desires. Not one person has the same desires as another. There might be similar desires, however, they’re still not the same. You might want a BMW in red and I want one in black for example.

See? Different.

 What is desire?

According to the oxford dictionary, desire is ‘a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.’ But I also think it’s more than that.

Desire is a spark from your soul, pushing you to be who you’re meant to be. Nudging you in the direction of your souls purpose.

I believe that every person on earth was gifted with desires that are uniquely their own. And more importantly, the ability to achieve those desires. To make them real and tangible.

We are so quick to adopt the desires of other people that we quickly become lost, confused and unfulfilled because that’s not our true desire or purpose. So what if you want to become finger painter. If it makes your heart sing than by all means, go for it! In fact, just do it. You’ll be happier for it.

Society has made us so fearful of reaching for our dreams and desires that so many people become sad and depressed. It has to change.

So, my friend, I implore you to go for your desires. Start today. Right now!

 What if you don’t know what your desires are?

First of all, stop saying you don’t know. Saying you don’t know is not helping you know. You’re keeping yourself stuck in the “I don’t know”. Start saying I DO know what I want and ask yourself: ‘What do I want?’.

The brain is an extraordinary organ and when you ask a question the brain seeks the answer. It is constantly searching for the truth. Same goes for focus. If you focus on ‘I know what I want’, your brain will find it.

I find that what we dream about or daydream about reveals our true desires. In my experience, desires are also hidden. What I mean by this is, for example, let’s say you desire to own a red BMW, but what you truly desire is respect, prestige and acknowledgment from your peers that this BMW will provide. Or you desire to be able to race down the highway because it gives you thrill and excitement.

None of these desires are wrong. They are yours, but being aware of the true desire makes it so much easier to achieve it.

 Take Action

Once you know what you want, take action! Plan it, think it out, make a move. Just take some bloody action. Your desire won’t come to fruition without intention to achieve it and the action to make it happen.


With much love,